Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Musical Recap

It was a bit hard for this music blogger to get to as many shows as she would have liked thanks to an unavoidable hip surgery, but it was still a great year music wise.

Concert Summary
January - Chris Young
February - Drew Baldridge, Dylan Scott, Jerrod Niemann
March - William Michael Morgan
May - Jesse Joice, Casey James. Cannan Smith
June - Jon Wolfe, Sunny Sweeny, Tyler Farr
July - Kane Brown
September - William Michael Morgan
October - LANco
November - Midland

Favorite Full Band Show
- William Michael Morgan at the OKC State Fair
Favorite Acoustic Show
- LANco
Best Community Give Back Show
- KVOO Can Jam

Best Musical Moment
- William Michael Morgan dedicating Vinyl, my favorite song of his, to me the night before my hip surgery and wishing me good luck.
Best Musical Souvenir 
- My KVOO t-shirt
Best Meet and Greet
- Catching up with Stephen Whitfield the guitarist from Cannan Smith's band at my sixth Cannan show

Most Anticipated Performance
- Hearing my first steel guitar live (William Michael Morgan's band)
Most Anticipated Concert
- William Michael Morgan (Full Band)
Most Noteworthy Concert Moment
- Kane Brown, all I can say is the explosion from YouTube viral videos to a record deal is total warranted
Most Anticipated Album of the Year
- 27861 by Parmalee

Social Media Discovery of the Year
- Carter Winter
Breakout Artist of the Year
- Brett Young

Noteworthy Song of the Year
- Road Less Traveled by Lauren Alaina
Noteworthy Album of the Year
- Brett Young's Debut Album
Noteworthy "Life Lesson" Song of the Year 
- Drunk Girl by Chris Jansen

Thursday, October 19, 2017

KVOO's All Access: Story Tellers featuring LANco

Tulsa's country radio station has a long history of not just giving back to the community but their listeners as well. October brought the birth of the All Access: Story Tellers concert series and it kicked off at The 5 o'Clock Somewhere bar inside The Riverspirit Casino with up and coming hit sensation LANco. You may recognize them from their Top 10 Hit "Greatest Love Story." A song that also broke onto the Billboard Hot 100 list. The show was free to any listener who wanted to come. KVOO also ran contests on their social media pages prior to the event for a chance to meet the band as well. A contest this music lover was fortunate enough to win.

Going into the show, I was only familiar with their singles "Long Live Tonight" and "Greatest Love Story." It was also my first time seeing them live. Most wouldn't think that combination makes good ingredients for a very fun night, but it's honestly one of my favorite 'night of live music' recipes. LANco proved exactly why too! The five-man band consists of frontman Brandon Lancaster, guitarist Eric Steedly, bassist Chandler Baldwin, Utility Player Jared Hampton, and drummer Tripp Howell and they kicked off the show with perhaps my favorite song from their self-titled EP, called "Trouble Maker." Their hour-long set continued on with other songs from their EP like "We Do," their singles, and some new tracks from their pending album including "Win Her Over." This highly energetic band seemed to entrance the hypnotized crowd, even more, when they broke into classic covers like "Dixieland Delight" by Alabama and "Better Man" by Brooks & Dunn. They had the audience singing along to every word all night and the dance floor completely occupied the entire time too. 

It wasn't just the music that was memorable about KVOO's first All Access: Story Tellers concert though. It was the atmosphere that the band created. Frontman Brandon Lancaster was utterly charismatic and hilarious between songs. Never once standing still and at times even holding the mic stand out for the audience as he got swept up in the crowd singing back to him. His bandmates matched his energy level, talent, and excitement movement for movement. It will definitely go down as one the best all-around shows this music nerd and concert junkie has ever been too. I can't wait to hear more from this band. Because something tells me this is just a glimpse of what they are capable of.

I highly look forward to the next installment in the All Access: Story Tellers series from KVOO

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ladies Invade The River Spirit

Image result for kvoo
Image From KVOO website

Tulsa country music station KVOO has been pulling in some stellar acts for their acoustic ladies only shows at the 5 O'clock Somewhere bar inside the River Spirit Casino and Resort. All of them have produced happy enthusiastic fans, but nothing like on July 12th when Kane Brown took that stage. The crowd even spilled out into the casino with ladies stopping by the half-wall around the bar to enjoy the music.

Kane Brown built his fan base in a true grass roots fashion by posting covers on YouTube and Facebook before RCA/Sony added him to their roster. I was intrigued for this Ladies Lock-In because I was curious about what caused the obvious shine of this artist's rising star.

Brown played an hour set full of original hits and covers. From his self-titled debut album the crowd got treated to "Pull It Off," "Better Place," "Rockstars," "the emotionally charged "Granddaddy's Chair"Thunder in the Rain," and his current hit single "What Ifs." From his EP Chapter One, we also got "Used to Love You Sober" and "Wide Open." While he impressed with all his original songs, he  also showed just why he caught everyone's attention when he seamlessly covered varying ends of the country genre singing songs like Sam Hunt's current summer hit "Body Like A Backroad" to Randy Travis' "Three Wooden Crosses." 

The verdict from this music blogger is Kane Brown is extremely deserving of all the hype. Never judge a book by its' cover because you could be missing out on something wonderful. This young man has a voice beautifully suited for country music and I'm excited to see how he develops and grows as an artist.

Monday, June 12, 2017

2017 Can Jam

The Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma is the largest private hunger-relief organization in eastern Oklahoma who feeds the hungry of Eastern Oklahoma through a network of Partner Programs. They endeavor to provide food security, with dignity, for all eastern Oklahomans. On their website, this is what is listed under who we serve: 
With locations in Tulsa and McAlester, we provide food and other donated goods to 450 Partner Programs in 24 counties of eastern Oklahoma. These programs include emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, after-school programs and senior citizen centers. Together, we provide more than 339,000 meals each week to people struggling with hunger. During Fiscal Year 2016 we distributed more than 21.1 million pounds of food, 31 percent of which was fresh produce.

I am explaining all of this because I want you to grasp how important it is to give back to one's community and why what local Tulsa Country music station KVOO is doing is so impressive and basically pretty darn cool. They announced a concert called Can Jam 2017. 

The way it works is stated clearly on the station's website 

To get your tickets, stop by special KVOO van collection stops with a canned food donation to benefit the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. Minimum 1 can per ticket and limit 1 pair of tickets per person per stop. This is a 21+ show.

So do you want to know who you get to see when you come out and support a cause that helps so many Oklahomans? There is not just one artist, but four! That is right you get to see Joe Nichols, Brett Young, Frankie Ballard, and Seth Ennis! The show is at Paradise Cove in River Spirit Casino Resort, but not until August 20th at 7 PM. The second ticket location is this Friday the 6/16 at The Tate Boys at 71st and 145th in Broken Arrow from 11-1 and the first 45 people get tickets! 

It is sure to be an incredible night so keep your radio stations on 98.5 KVOO and do not miss out on your tickets or helping out the incredible Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma!

KVOO Links
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Joe Nichols Links
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Brett Young Links
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Frankie Ballard Links
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

Seth Ennis Links

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SnapChat | Spotify | YouTube

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Acoustic Heaven

In my little corner of this vast universe, few do country right better than radio station KVOO. In addition to playing the music listeners actually, want to hear, they do countless wonderful things for their listeners including some pretty amazing acoustic shows. Tonight there was one such show at the 5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar in Tulsa's River Spirit Casino Resort. It was another in their acoustic Ladies Lock-In concerts and the featured artist this time was Canaan Smith. I was intrigued to see if Smith would be playing any new music given the recent release of his new single "Like You That Way." 

It was an impressive set list full of new material like "Love & Learn" and "Chaos" as well as established hits like the number one song "Love You Like That" and my favorite "Mad Love." I have yet to walk away from a Canaan Smith show disappointed, and this performance was no exception. He engaged the crowd beautifully, never stopped smiling, and my head is still happily spinning from all the new songs. Having been to multiple shows, it was impressive to see how his sound has grown and evolved.

Photo Credit: Bridget Little

I'll just say one thing: Smith is still a fantastic songwriter, and whenever the date arrives I will happily be purchasing the follow-up to his terrific album BroncoWhen the show was over Smith and even his guitarist Stephen Whitfield, took photos with every fan that asked. After tonight, I look forward to the next KVOO treat and when Canaan Smith returns to Tulsa.


Canaan Smith 5/31/2017
Stephen Whitfield 5/31/2017