Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Michael Ray at the Oklahoma City Fair

Last Friday, the 16th of September, a few friends and I met up in Oklahoma City to catch Michael Ray at the fair. The last time we saw Ray was his stop in Oklahoma City during Brantley Gilbert’s blackout tour (Show Review and Band Review) and we were all excited to see what he could do as the headlining act. It was like mother nature herself knew there was great music coming. Because the rain we were expecting never showed. I had the pleasure of getting to meet Ray before the show and  he as usual was a total sweetheart.

He started out the show with his up tempo song "Another Girl" and I am pretty sure I did not sit back down til the show was over. We also got to hear the song he co-wrote for Big & Rich, "Runaway With You," as well as "Look Like This," and his newest single "Think a Lil Less."  A truly fun part of the show was when the iPod Shuffle began. Ray and the band played a fun selection of songs from  Toby Keith's "Should Have Been a Cowboy" to Tom Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance." Though a special mention goes to his cover of Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are." Before Ray began singing, he addressed the females in the crowd saying they were beautiful just the way they were. That they should never change for anyone, but rather they are amazing just the way they are.

We also heard "Everything In Between," "Drivin' All Night," "This Love," "Real Men Love Jesus," and the number one hit "Kiss You In The Morning." Michael Ray is an amazing singer and has a very talented band backing him up. Kurt Ozan (utility player), Jonathan Sepulveda (bassist), and Lucas Chamberlain (guitarist) are just as amazing to listen to and watch perform as Michael Ray. Everyone always looks like they are having the time of their lives while performing. Their cover of "Dust On The Bottle" was perhaps one of the funnest covers I have seen. It was such a fun night and definitely not the last time I'll see Michael Ray.

You can see Michael Ray on his Think A Lil Less tour, which is his first as headliner, starting Oct. 14th in Phoenix, AZ. Tickets are on sale now.