Sunday, October 9, 2016

David Fanning's EP First

I've told you all about the talented David Fanning in a prior #Artist411 article, but let me recap just a little. Fanning is a talented triple threat poised to do amazing things in country music. He is one-fourth of the production team, New Voice Entertainment and a songwriter with some pretty amazing cuts under his belt including Parmalee's "Musta Had A Good Time" and Scotty McCreary's "I Don't Want To Be Your Friend." That is not all though, he is extremely vocally talented. His loyal Fanndom has been enjoying original hits via his original YouTube videos for some time now, but as of September 23rd they've had his debut EP First playing on repeat. 

The EP begins with the title track "First" and immediately Fanning has you on an instant trip of future possibilities with such lyrics as "I wanna go where you’ve never gone, see what you’ve never seen. I wanna do what you’ve never done, baby just you and me." As you drift along to smooth vocals and fantastic instrumental ability you can't help, but be hooked. In track 2 "Break Us," the story continues with tales of how the couple has "that never tear apart, nothing can break us" love. In track 3 "Complicated," the lyrics tell a story of how sometimes too good to be true doesn't always apply. Because "It is what it is, you get what you give… it ain't complicated." A beautiful ballad to remind you not to overthink the good things. I believe everyone should pay close attention to the lyrics in track 4, "Breathtaker," especially females. Music that not only tells a story, but has the ability to inspire is beautiful and rare. "Breathtaker" is just that kind of song with lyrics like "Don't ever let nobody go and steal your star. You're that one and a million just the way you are." Track 5, "Where Are You Now," tells you about the flip side of falling in love. The lyrics take you down memory lane of the things that were promised in a relationship, but now "they're no where to be found." 

This amazing EP is a five track sampling of just how talented Fanning is and the great things to come. In fact, Fanning contributed to the writing on all five tracks of his debut EP. Along with friends, Ben Stennis and Curt Gibbs, he also served as music producer as well. You can download First from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon as well as stream it on Spotify