Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bands at the Ballroom

The big picture of music is pure artistry, but the sum parts that make up the whole can be just as breathtaking.

Justin Adams and Mike Ball

My Bands Matter Too stories are a way to meet the bands that share the stage with the incredible artists we all know and love during their live performances. This concert was at Cain's Ballroom and the particular band to meet shared the stage with Justin Adams, an amazing singer/songwriter and terrific guitarist in his own right. This was not my first time seeing them perform. However, I was no less impressed than the first time I saw them. I told you all about Justin Adams' performance in my Pardi in the Ballroom review. Now here is a little about the band's.

Tommy Kratzert and Mike Ball

 Tommy Kratzert plays the guitar, Clark James the drums, and Mike Ball the bass. Sometimes an artist is so talented it takes a special caliber of skills to help bring their songs to life and Adams' seems to have found that with his band. All three band members actually rotate singing back up vocals throughout Adams' set. Different parts of Adams' performance highlights different instrumental riffs from each band member. Whether it be Tommy or Mike's impressive accomplishments on their various guitars or Clark's stellar abilities on the drums, these talented musicians are exceptional to watch perform. 

Clark James
 I discovered something that seems to add to a show from prior concerts. They are more enjoyable to watch when you know the performer is not just talented, but genuinely a nice person. One of my new favorite quotes is, "Talent gets you in the door, but class keeps you there." I mention all this because I've had the pleasure of meeting Justin Adams and his entire band. All four of these men are so nice to any and every fan that walks up to them. I highly recommend catching any Justin Adams show that comes to a city near you. You won't be disappointed in him or this band.

Tommy Kratzert and Justin Adams

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pardi In The Ballroom

March 3rd a Pardi Came to the Historic Cain's Ballroom. 

Jon Pardi at Cain's Ballroom

Tons of excited Pardi Animals showed up to watch singer Jon Pardi perform live and he put on an incredible show! Pardi played tons of hits both new and old including his singles "Up All Night," "Missin' You Crazy," and the newest chart climber "Head Over Boots." For the several in attendance that night, the surprise came when singer Justin Adams took the stage. Many concert goers never really stop to think about the opening act when they head out to see their favorite acts perform live. However, opening acts are not just there to get the crowd warmed up before the headliner comes out. It is an opportunity for attendees to hear a new artist they might not have been familiar with prior to the show. After hearing SEVERAL near by people's responses, it was clearly evident Adams gained tons of new fans that night.

Checkout the New Drum Cover

Justin Adams has been on the Nashville scene for a few years now. He put out his first EP (self-titled) back in 2013 and recently started selling a CD full of new music at his live shows. It was Adams second time playing in the historic Cain's Ballroom. A venue in Oklahoma that has hosted artists from the likes of Bob Wills to Hank Williams. I was already familiar with Adams' music before he took the stage that night, but was no less impressed than the first time I saw him perform. He took to the stage singing a song from his new CD titled "Lips On Mine." A highly energetic tune about how certain things just fit right together. "Lips On Mine" was not the only tune from the new CD Adams played. We also got to hear "Red Lights" and "Cowboys Drivin' Cadillacs." Both of those songs can actually be found on the artists YouTube page if you want to hear them.

Justin Adams at Cain's Ballroom

 From his original EP Adams sang "Can't Forget About You," "Shut Up And Kiss Me," and "Miss Me Whiskey." A real treat of the night had to be hearing "Feels Wrong" and "Wouldn't Be Here." Two relatively new and beautiful songs that can't be heard any where except a live performance. Besides his own songs Adams did a few covers, but there is one that deserves special mentioning. This talented artist performs perhaps one of the best covers I have heard of "Friends In Low Places." For the last chorus of the classic Garth Brooks hit, Adams actually took to the crowd to perform among the fans. If a performance could be a home-run Justin Adams hit his set out of the park. This rising star has a beautiful voice and an incredible stage presence with an outstanding energy level and a remarkable band sharing the stage.

I highly recommend following him on Facebook, Instagram (@justinadamscountry), and Twitter (@justinadamscrty) to stay up to date on all his news. Stay tuned for a write up on his band too.