Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What's to Come in 2017

Here on An Ear for Music you are used to getting concert reviews and artist 411 articles. First, don't expect that to change. Second,  I wanted everyone to know this year I'll be adding some new features and I am very excited about them! Read on for small descriptions of each and hopeful posting schedule. Don't want anyone to miss out!

Johnny and June Cash
I was inspired to start this first new feature by the newest Parmalee single "Roots." A fantastic song
that is acknowledging no matter where you end up, your roots are still a part of you. So twice a month I'll be sharing Iconic 411 articles in order to acknowledge the roots of country music. 

Carter Winter
The possibilities of this next feature have me very excited! Sharing my prior posts on social media has brought many other artists to my attention. So every week I will be sharing Social Finds were I'll be introducing everyone to a new artist\band I discovered via a social media platform. 

Lauren Alaina
I'll be continuing the artist 411 articles twice a month just like the new Iconic 411 articles. You will also be able to find the country airplay mediabase charts each week and a Spotify discovery piece featuring their New Boots playlist. At the end of each month there will be a poll to decide which artists featured via artist 411 articles or Social Finds articles will become a Permanent Rotation artist. Permanent Rotation means they'll have their own page here at An Ear for Music were you will be able to find all their links and music.

Next month is the holiday of love, so starting the first I look forward to showing some love to some well deserved artists and music! I'm very excited for 2017 and I truly hope you'll be along for the journey!

Monday, January 16, 2017

High Valley

Canadian sibling duo, Brad and Curtis Rempel, currently have a top 20 hit with their single "Make You Mine" and if you have ever listen to their music you know it is not going to be their only hit in the making. Twice now I have had the pleasure of seeing High Valley live and I walked away wanting more both times. Their music is like a serious breath of fresh air. Their sound is full of actual instruments and lyrics that are family friendly with meaning. I have yet to hear a song from them I did not enjoy. Don't just take my word for it though, listen to their new album Dear Life below via Spotify and tell me what you think!


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Visit High Valley's website HERE to sign up for their newsletter, join their fan club, and even download their app.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Who is Seth Costner?

You may recognize Seth Costner as the talented keyboardist touring with The Swon Brothers. The one who gets to perform a song as a part of their show. However,  there's so much more to this artist. Seth Costner is a talented singer/songwriter who has an incredibly beautiful voice that just draws you in. In fact, Costner just released his second EP, The Easy Part. The five song EP is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. The Easy Part not only showcases the smooth vocals of this up and comer, but his astounding writing skills as well. There's more, he also plays the keyboard, guitar, banjo, and harmonica.

Seth Costner playing keys

 Talent is not the only thing Seth Costner has going for him though. He is very down to earth and appreciative of his fans. He interacts with them after shows and on social media often. In fact, his fans are quite a buzz with the holiday spirit thanks to the recent release of  the holiday tune "Celebrate Me Home" on iTunes. My advice for the new year is to keep a watch out for Seth Costner. As 2016 is sure to hold amazing things for this gifted artist.

The Easy Part's Cover Art

For updates (and singing clips) follow Seth Costner on Twitter and Instagram with @sethcostner